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Dias bag, 100% wool with leather details, handmade with embroidery, inspired by Greek heritage.

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The delivery of the products is performed by the company EltaCourier in Greece and is free of charge. The expected delivery time is 1 to 5 business days, depending on the availability of the stock. The time of delivery is calculated depending on the order. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the speed of delivery by the courier company. However, we always do our best, in order to deliver your order as soon as possible.

Cash on Delivery (Greece)

The payment choice of "Cash on Delivery" is offered only for deliveries within Greece. There is no extra charge. If you wish to choose this payment method, you must send an e-mail message for the copy of the code and the options of the product you wish to buy.

International deliveries

For Europe and Ireland, in 7-10 business days. Worldwide, in 8-12 business days.

Return policy

You have the right to return your order entirely or part of it within 7 business days from the day you received it, without having any obligation to inform us about the reason of return of your order. In this case, you will be solely charged with the direct cost of return of the product. In case the reason for the return of a product is a company error, we undertake to cover the cost of return of the product.
For the return of a product, you must complete and send us an e-mail at, stating the date of order and the number of the order within the exclusive period of (7) days. A necessary condition is that the product must be returned in its initial package and at the same perfect state as when you received it along with the relevant payment receipt, including the special signs (labels) of the product.

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White Canvas Clutch

Small canvas clutch featuring black and/or white embroidery inspired by Skyrian weft.
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Small clutch bag with embroidery inspired by Greek heritage.
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Hermes Burlap

Small clutch bag with embroidery inspired by Greek heritage.
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Ruby Velvet Clutch

Small velvet clutch with traditional embroider.
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Lime velvet clutch, embroidered with gold silk threat, based on Greek traditional patterns.
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Hermes Folding envelope

Traditional embroidery with silver thread on Greek felt.
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Small clutch with canvas or burlap coating featuring traditional embroidery.
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Small clutch bag with embroidery inspired by Greek heritage.
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Tsarouhi High Heels Envelope

White canvas (Karavopano) or burlap (linatsa) clutch with Tsarouhi high heel print and black tassel, L31XW21cm The tsarouchi — the flat, hard-soled shoe with the famous large tassel — is an iconic part of the Greek traditional costume. It is the shoe that the great warriors of the Greek War of Independence wore, and became world-famous as an integral part of Greece’s national costume. As for the tassel, it would protect the toes from the snow and cold.
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Black velvet clutch, embroidered with silver silk threat, inspired by traditional Greek patterns.
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